I can tell you that using social media to promote exclusive deals or discounts is a powerful way to incentivize customers to follow your restaurant on social media and visit your storefront. By offering exclusive promotions, you create a sense of exclusivity and urgency that can motivate customers to take action. In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to create and promote exclusive deals and discounts on social media, using the example of restaurant U Gazdy, a Polish restaurant based in Wood Dale, Illinois.

Step 1: Choose your promotion The first step in creating an exclusive promotion is to choose what you want to offer. This could be a discount on a specific menu item, a free appetizer with an entrée purchase, or a special prix fixe menu. For example, U Gazdy could offer a “Pierogi Night” special on social media, with a discount on their popular pierogi dishes.

Step 2: Create your social media post Once you’ve chosen your promotion, it’s time to create your social media post. Use eye-catching graphics and copy that clearly communicates the offer and its exclusivity. Make sure to include any restrictions or expiration dates, and encourage followers to share the post with their friends. For example, U Gazdy could create a Facebook post that reads, “Join us for Pierogi Night! Get 20% off all pierogi dishes when you show this post to your server. Offer valid for one week only, so don’t wait!”

Step 3: Promote your post To maximize the reach of your exclusive promotion, promote your post on social media. This could mean boosting the post with paid advertising, or simply sharing it across all of your social media channels. Encourage followers to like, comment, and share the post to increase its visibility. For example, U Gazdy could boost their Facebook post to reach a wider audience and target users who live within a certain radius of their restaurant.

Step 4: Track your results As your promotion runs, track its results to see how successful it is. Use social media analytics to measure engagement, reach, and conversions. This will help you to refine your strategy for future promotions. For example, U Gazdy could track how many customers redeemed their Pierogi Night promotion and use that data to plan future promotions.

Step 5: Follow up with customers After your promotion ends, follow up with customers who took advantage of the offer. Thank them for their business and encourage them to return to your restaurant. Consider offering them a special loyalty promotion to keep them engaged with your brand. For example, U Gazdy could send a follow-up email to customers who redeemed their Pierogi Night promotion, offering them a discount on their next visit.

Using social media to promote exclusive deals and discounts is a powerful way to drive traffic to your restaurant and incentivize customers to follow your social media channels. By following these steps, you can create successful promotions that engage and reward your customers.

Some Additional Ideas:

  1. Buy one, get one free: Offer a free meal, appetizer, or dessert with the purchase of another item.
  2. Limited-time menu item: Introduce a new, exclusive menu item for a limited time that’s only available to social media followers.
  3. Happy hour specials: Offer discounted drinks or appetizers during designated hours, exclusively for social media followers.
  4. Birthday discounts: Offer a discount or free item on a customer’s birthday when they show proof of following the restaurant on social media.
  5. Refer a friend: Offer a discount or free item to both the referrer and the referred customer when a new customer is referred through social media.
  6. Takeout/delivery discount: Offer a discount on takeout or delivery orders placed through social media platforms.
  7. Exclusive events: Offer early access or discounted tickets to exclusive events, such as wine tastings or cooking classes, for social media followers.
  8. Loyalty program: Create a loyalty program exclusively for social media followers, where customers can earn points or rewards for their purchases.
  9. Instagram photo contest: Host a photo contest on Instagram, where customers can post photos of their meals at the restaurant and be entered to win a prize or discount.
  10. Holiday specials: Offer exclusive discounts or menu items for holidays, such as a Valentine’s Day prix fixe menu or a Thanksgiving meal package.