I’ve been so lucky to know this family and photograph them throughout the years! We always have so much fun before and during the photo shoot. This chance it was even a bit more special traveling to Notre Dame, Indiana to take these beautiful senior portraits. Yes, I love to go above and beyond for my clients in any way.

I had no idea how incredibly scenic Notre Dame was, so many places that were catching my creative eye to capture some of the

shots you see above. In addition to learning about the history of the school from Reid’s parents just made it that much more enriching.

It was both a moment for them to treasure and for myself. I had a wonderful time and look forward to the next one! Hopeful it will be in Europe when we’re finally able to!

Thank you again for hiring my services for Reid’s Portrait Session.

Photographer: Paulina Fadrowska | http://paulinafadrowska.com @paulinafadrowska