All About Her

Celebrating simplicity and the natural touch and love of mothers. I wanted to create this photoshoot experience just to focus on, The connection between a mother and her child. This session is for newborns, pre-teens and adult children.

This an experience unlike any other, in studio or at your home each photoshoot is hand tailored by Paulina Fadrowska.


a Mother's Portrait Session Includes......
Beautiful Photoshoot
Directed by Paulina Fadrowska, enjoy your day as the star, Paulina will work with you to capture you as beautiful art against a Peony Artdrop.
Belle Frame
Beautifully framed 7″x5″ of your favorite Portrait from our day.
Beautiful Digital Files
With the session you book, you’ll receive the beautiful images you only want.
Limited Session
Because this is such a unique session, only 2 bookings are available for the year. (in May)
$100 or $150 Gift Card*
Depending on the booking you book, you’ll receive a $100 or $150 gift card to get you more beautiful prints and products offered from Paulina Fadrowska.
Bookings start from $170
Available in-studio or at your home on selected days. 

14 Bookings available. Reserve yours starting from $170


Have questions or requests for this session? Use the contact form to say hello or Call/Text to (312) 544-9059