Post to Facebook by voice using Google Home.

So for those who know me know that I love technology and anything and everything Tech. So I started teaching others how I’m able to use some of the technology that I like and apply it to my everyday life work or personal use just to make things a lot easier and faster. So today’s teaching is how to post a status message to your Facebook page using Google home and a very cool Nifty app called IFTTT which translates to “IF this, then that”. Not only does IFTTT work with Google Home but so many different other apps and Technology it’s very useful for doing tasks for you so you have more time for more important things 😉

So let’s get started learning how to do what we came here to do. How to post to Facebook using your voice with Google Home.
Because this is for Google home users please make sure you own or have a Google home it can also be a Google home Mini just as long as it’s Google home and if you do not have one here is the link to go get one it’s totally worth it!

You can also use your phone to do this as long as you have Google Assistant enabled. 😉

Note when you use the applet please note that your post automatically gets posted so consider writing what you’re about to say so you can be certain it makes complete sense before you actually tell Google what to write for you. The last thing you want to do is in fear and panic run to your Facebook page and have to edit or delete it because that’s not exactly what you wanted to say.

Have fun posting, if you’re ever an emergency, and not near your phone or can’t get to it this can possibly save your life.

  1. Make sure you have a Google home. If you don’t buy one here or at your local tech store.

  2. Open or create an account at and connect your facebook account.

  3. In the search area look for the applet called “post to Facebook by voice” or you can directly go there by clicking this link.

  4. Authorize the applet, by turning it on.

  5. When you are ready to make your post, all you need to say to Google Home is ” OK Google, Tell my friends” and then say the text you want to be written on your Facebook post and posted automatically.