Beautiful Fort Pierce the Sunrise City, thought to start a conversation,  a direction,  and thoughts in the community,  those giant Silos, could become two giant storytellers of this incredible city and its past & future.  Imagine the city’s two towering silos transformed into visual art masterpieces… let me show you what I mean.

When I first moved to this town, I had the pleasure of going in into the historical society right Above the incredible coffee shop old florida there I learned so much about this magnificent history of this town with Jim, on some of the iconic people who have lived here or had influence here in addition to all the beautiful nature in natural touches that this town had.  So I decided to incorporate an idea on representing that on those 2 giant silos. That currently are just eyesores, but could be something a lot more.

The silo could take Edwin Binney, the man who brought Crayola crayons to life, his creations dripping down the silo like colorful wax, he had major influence here along with the families friendship with Amelia Earhardt showing her flying and plane,  just s thought was pretty cool she had a home here.

Another side showcasing the proud military heritage, a tribute to the Navy SEAL Museum with images evoking the bravery of the Frogmen. And a portion dedicated to the lush agriculture of the Indian River Citrus District and the influence of pineapples 🍍 here!

Celebrating the historic downtown and the Sunrise Theatre symbols of the city’s architectural and cultural legacy. An homage to Zora Neale Hurston could grace these structures, her words and portraits woven into the fabric of the city’s tale. And the artistry of A.E. Backus.could paint the landscape with Florida’s natural beauty, as seen through his eyes.

These silos would stand not merely as structures but as storied monuments, anchoring the legacy of Fort Pierce in the hearts of all who see it from miles away crossing the two bridges,  to driving down us1, it has so much potential to become the must see in too in Fort Pierce along the other incredible beautiful touches in this city.

Here are some additional design ideas