Creating your Digital Folio Class w/ Paulina Fadrowska

Not sure how or where to start your online Portfolio? Then this is the perfect class for you as Paulina Fadrowska will help you with best website practices, image optimization, helpful critique regarding images, help you build your online portfolio so by the end of the day you will have a running professional portfolio website.

In this class you’ll be a part of

  • One on one discussion, reviews and Q&A with the class regarding the best website portfolio options.
  • Choosing the best images to use to attract work and get hired.
  • How to maintain your folio when you have new photoshoots.
  • What size and resolution should you display your images.
  • Creating your portfolio so you will have one live.
  • Hurry and Reserve your seat today only 25 seats available.



By the end of class you will have your own working Portfolio website that you will be able to share!

25 Seats Available.