Idea pitch is Get color choices, elements, stock, you name it, with just a voice command and make design work faster and more efficient.
Join Paulina Fadrowska as she explores the potential of AI in the world of design. In this video, Paulina experiments with using OpenAI’s language model, ChatGPT, for picking the perfect mustard color. The resultsThe hexadecimal code for a shade of mustard color is #FFDB58 and A pantone color that matches the shade of mustard is Pantone 123 C if this step could be passed by and already integrated into the design programs more efficiently it lead me to an exciting potential plugin idea for Adobe or Canva whoever does this firt. Simply Imagine being able to seamlessly integrate a color picking option, stock, element, text, with just a voice command! No more searching through Pantone books or swatch websites, AI does the work for you. This plugin could revolutionize the way designers work, making the process faster and more efficient. With the increasing popularity of voice-to-text commands, this plugin could be the future of design. Watch now to learn more about this exciting idea