Paulina Fadrowska
Paulina Fadrowska

Photography, Graphic Design, Printing Services

Paulina Fadrowska

Creative Designer, Portrait-Business Photographer, and Branding Social Media Services based out of Chicago, who loves results.

Artist at heart. I love creating the ultimate project. From your consultation all the way to the beautiful results.

I think backwards due to my photography, design, creative and experience, I go into a project thinking what is the end result then put all the elements together that need to be present in order to make the project happen.

I love being able to mentally piece in all the puzzles to make the project work receive best results, that’s why I really strive on getting to know you, your project and end result in advance, so I may fulfill the purpose for hiring me.

Here’s some Great projects I got to be apart of that may interest you.

Branding (logo, website services, photography, printing and more, )  
– Dentistry
HDA – Dentistry
Jacobson & Tsou Orthodontics
Juwan Howard – Basketball Player Non-for-Profit
Mikkeys – Restaurant
Litehouse – Restaurant
Deida Massey – Author Entrepreneur
LetsGoTo.World – Travel
U Gazdy – Restaurant
Sculpt and Shred – Fitness Center
Good Beauty – Salon

Photography Services 
Anais Lauren – Music Artist
Piekarski Financial Advisors
Jacobson & Tsou Orthodontics Staff Headshots
Jacobson & Tsou Orthodontics Office Shots
FDOAH Dentistry Staff Headshots
FDOAH Dentistry Office Shots
Good Beauty – Product and Salon
Travel- Portugal
Travel – Netherlands

Local Creative Activist